**NOTICE: I’ll be on vacation until the beginning of May, so a new “Cosmical” will post soon after that! **

If you don’t know the term “Albedo,” it’s the reflection factor of the sun’s light off of some celestial body, like a planet or satellite. Technically, the Earth’s albedo is higher than our moon’s. But only very few of us have been lucky enough to witness the Earth’s albedo. For more information on what an “albedo” is, click here.

A crystal clear sky and a bright full moon (like the one we’ve just been having) can be both a blessing and a curse for sky gazers, depending on your sky gazing goal. She can be so beautiful, shining brightly like that while her bright sideย faces us directly. But if your goal is to stargaze, her light takes over and blocks out much of the star field.

Next month’s full moon will be while the Moon is closest to the Earth for the year, making it slightly larger and brighter in our sky.