Yesterday marked 50 years since the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon – the first time humankind has stepped foot on another celestial object. I’ve always thought that if I could go back in time I would love to go back to see this event. Of course I could bring up the video at any time I want, but I’d love to be around to feel the excitement, and watch the reactions of people.

Sidenote: By the time Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon, it was July 21st UTC, but still July 20th in the US. So as it was an American mission, I’m using the American time, and what’s on the NASA website.


The Opportunity Rover is official out of service. After a long dust storm that covered the planet, NASA could not get back in touch with our little robot friend. Thank you for 15 years of data, Oppy. Maybe one day we’ll get you back.

Nice Meteor Shower

Hey guys!

Don’t be alarmed by the sudden change of the look of the comic! Obviously I haven’t posted in ages, but there are things happening behind the scenes. I didn’t want to post any comics yet while I rework things, but I came up with this one and I had to post it IMMEDIATELY.

So, while it may be a bit jarring, hang tight, and just enjoy the comic. I’ll have more info on the return of Cosmical comics soon! (and the website is also going to get updated!)

28 – Goodbye Cassini

I have a personal connection to Cassini. My Uncle Frank worked on Cassini at NASA. I will always remember when he was telling me about Cassini just after the launch. I was 14/15, and he was telling me it would take 7 years and that blew my mind.

Sadly, Uncle Frank didn’t live to see Cassini through to its end. It saddens me, but it will always be a part of his legacy.

And as for Cassini itself… thank you, Cassini, for what you’ve taught us about our ringed friend and its moons. We have learned SO MUCH. And there is still data coming in, thanks to your Grand Finale! <3

27 – Pan’s Plan

NASA’s Cassini probe just recently captured these amazing close-up shots of Saturn’s ring-grazing moon, Pan. A lot of people have been relating the shape to food, like raviolis or dumplings or empanadas. But I have a different idea of what Pan is going for… 😉

Photo Credit: NASA

26 – Juno’s Arrival

NASA’s Juno spacecraft finally arrived at Jupiter earlier this week after nearly 5 years of travel! Juno’s mission will be to collect and send back loads of data about our biggest planet in the next 20 months.

Jupiter’s Galilean moons won’t be in focus for this mission, but Europa knows how popular she is. The Galileo mission of the 90s revealed a lot about Europa leading scientists to believe that life could possibly thrive in the oceans beneath its icy surface. As a result, Europa is in big focus on future missions.

25 – Fly By

Asteroids are whizzing by us quite often. Many of them come closer to us than our own moon! This should be pretty alarming! We’ve been hit by asteroids before and we’ll be hit by them again. The question is, will we be prepared when the time comes? Funding for the research and development of anti-asteroid/comet technology is extremely important! No matter what you believe about what we need fixed here on the surface of our precious planet, none of that matters if we allow an asteroid come and wipe us all out!