25 – Fly By

Asteroids are whizzing by us quite often. Many of them come closer to us than our own moon! This should be pretty alarming! We’ve been hit by asteroids before and we’ll be hit by them again. The question is, will we be prepared when the time comes? Funding for the research and development of anti-asteroid/comet technology is extremely important! No matter what you believe about what we need fixed here on the surface of our precious planet, none of that matters if we allow an asteroid come and wipe us all out!

13 – Blue Moon

Haven’t had a chance to get this up until now since I’ve got so much to do in preparation for NYCC, and I’m starting to freak out. But it was a sad week in Space exploration not just for Earth, but for the moon too.

10 – Apollo 11

This comic was meant to go up on Friday but life got in the way, so it’s a couple of days late.

Friday marked the 43rd anniversary of the moon landing which put the first humans ever on the moon. I was born in 1980 so I missed this incredible event. But what a feeling it must have been to have witnessed it, let alone how it actually felt for the astronauts who were up there!

We* went back to the moon 5 more times. The last time was in 1972. We stopped going due to the cost of it. Basically, we’d set out to do something, and we did it. There are no official plans to return right now.

Practically, I can understand why we haven’t returned of course. But when I let my fantasy roam, I can’t help but wonder what the moon would look like at night if we had little cities up there. Imagine when we see a half moon, one half lit up from the sun, the other glittering with orange patterns. Ah… let’s all enjoy that sci-fi image for a while… šŸ™‚

*By “we” I generally mean humans, but “we” can be read as “Americans” since it has only been American missions that have landed on the moon to date. Other countries are planning their own moon landing missions, so while Americans may not be returning any time soon, there could still be humans heading up there in the near future.

4 – Luna’s Albedo

**NOTICE: I’ll be on vacation until the beginning of May, so a new “Cosmical” will post soon after that! **

If you don’t know the term “Albedo,” it’s the reflection factor of the sun’s light off of some celestial body, like a planet or satellite. Technically, the Earth’s albedo is higher than our moon’s. But only very few of us have been lucky enough to witness the Earth’s albedo. For more information on what an “albedo” is, click here.

A crystal clear sky and a bright full moon (like the one we’ve just been having) can be both a blessing and a curse for sky gazers, depending on your sky gazing goal. She can be so beautiful, shining brightly like that while her bright sideĀ faces us directly. But if your goal is to stargaze, her light takes over and blocks out much of the star field.

Next month’s full moon will be while the Moon is closest to the Earth for the year, making it slightly larger and brighter in our sky.