22 – New Horizons

NASA’s New Horizons craft has been travelling for 9 years and will be arriving tomorrow (7/14/15) at Pluto! NH will just be doing a fly by before it heads further out into the Kuiper Belt. Int he mean time, we have been getting some WONDERFUL shots of Pluto, and finally figuring out he has a bit of a reddish color (previously I colored him purple in the comic. That’s changed now).

This is super exciting and I hope you are all watching New Horizons as closely as I am!

2 throughts on "22 – New Horizons"

  1. If I’ve done my math correctly, then New Horizons is traveling about 63,400 KPH. 5 billion miles traveled in 9 years. Big numbers confuse calculators and their human operators. 🙂

  2. HA!!! I NEVER stopped believing that Pluto was an actual planet! A dinky dwarf one maybe, but a planet nevertheless!

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