Why the “Cosmical” silence?

If you haven’t noticed, “Cosmical” has been seemingly quiet for almost a month now. An explanation is necessary.

I thought of saying that Pluto held me hostage and threatened to never let me post another Cosmical again until I got Neil DeGrasse Tyson to change his mind, but, alas, the real explanation is much less of a page-turner.

Firstly, I’ve said before that there is no set schedule for “Cosmical” currently. I would try to update weekly, but that wasn’t an official schedule. Therefore, gaps like this one aren’t out-of-the blue.

Secondly, there is a lot of stuff happening in the background here. I’ve also got a few Cosmicals in the bank that I am not posting yet for specific reasons. But the other work going on with Cosmicals has just delayed posting on the site.

New “Cosmical” comics WILL be posted. But in the mean time, I do have some “Cosmical” wallpapers for computer screens, iPads and iPhones sitting here that I will post for you guys this weekend. So stay tuned!

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