Yesterday marked 50 years since the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon – the first time humankind has stepped foot on another celestial object. I’ve always thought that if I could go back in time I would love to go back to see this event. Of course I could bring up the video at any time I want, but I’d love to be around to feel the excitement, and watch the reactions of people.

Sidenote: By the time Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon, it was July 21st UTC, but still July 20th in the US. So as it was an American mission, I’m using the American time, and what’s on the NASA website.

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  1. I actually watched it. My parents woke me and my younger sister up and brought us in to see it – it was around 4 am in Denmark, way past the bed time of eight- and six-year olds, but they thought it was something so special that we shouldn’t sleep through it.
    My mother’s sister on the other hand watched it with my grandfather, who was born in 1889, and has since remarked on how special that was, considering that a man actually being on the Moon would have been thought an impossible fantasy well into his middle age

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