Despite Earth being the gem of the solar system he’s surprisingly humble. The others may fawn over the intelligent life he’s managed to grow, but he doesn’t let it get to his head. Luna is basically Earth’s little sister. He’s protective of her and realizes that he can’t live, the way he is without her. Luna looks up to Earth so much that she prefers to never look away from him.

The disgruntled planet. He’s the “ALMOST” Earth. But Earth got all the oceans and atmosphere and, therefore, the life. Mars is barren and angry with the universe. He’s also smaller than Earth and Venus, and blames Jupiter for his size. He’s got a bone to pick with everyone else in space.

Big and friendly, like a Saint Bernard. He happily accepts his role as the Protector of the inner solar system. Despite taking the hit from unwanted visitors (Shoemaker-Levy, for instance), he’s the jolliest member of the bunch.

Sweet. Tries to be everyone’s friend. She can even get bitter Mars to smile.

Neptune is the matronly one. She is the eighth and final planet, and travels around the edge of the solar system watching over all her planetary friends. Pluto, recently demoted from the 9th planet to dwarf planet, hasn’t yet entirely accepted his fate to join the ranks of Eris and Ceres. So he tags along with Neptune and she is happy to have him along and defends him from the other planets.

You’d be a little odd too if you were on your side all the time.

Saturn is the Beautiful One. With her range of colors, large rings and unique characteristics, she is the most recognizable, and is always ready for the paparazzi. She knows everyone loves her and she enjoy’s her fame.

Hyper and fiery. Friendly, but don’t underestimate him because of his size.

The constellations cover the sky, and the planets can barely move without running into one, so it’s natural that they’ll be hanging around from time to time whether they are welcome or not.

The sky is FULL of all sorts of celestial bodies, so you never know who’s going to show up. A comet, a free-roaming exoplanet, dwarf planets coming to harass Pluto… who knows what surprises await the Cosmical gang!