Borked website! Everything looks ugly and I’m sorry…

Hello Cosmical readers!

I know I’ve been absent for a while. I blame the pandemic! And it’s going to take me a while to get back on my feet. In the meantime, this website got totally borked somehow, and also disappeared for a while. It’s taken me several hours tonight to get it functioning again, even if I had to go back to some default design that doesn’t work for comics at all. It’s going to take some time for me to fix it and redesign. So please bear with me, and please excuse how ugly this place is at the moment. I’ll update again when everything is fixed.

Thank you for your patience!

Welcome new readers from Reddit/Insta/Other places…

Hi guys!

A lot of you have found this place new from my most recent Opportunity comic! Welcome and I hope you will be returning!


The site is undergoing some changes now as I’m working on some style and color palette changes. So bare with me until everything is fixed. And stick around for new comics!


Welcome NYCC readers!

Hello new readers! A bunch of you picked up the “Cosmical” handout at my table this weekend and have hopefully stopped by to check it out! “Cosmical” doesn’t have a schedule, but I suggest that you add it to your RSS reader or go “like” the FB page so that you don’t miss any update! Thanks for stopping by!

Why the “Cosmical” silence?

If you haven’t noticed, “Cosmical” has been seemingly quiet for almost a month now. An explanation is necessary.

I thought of saying that Pluto held me hostage and threatened to never let me post another Cosmical again until I got Neil DeGrasse Tyson to change his mind, but, alas, the real explanation is much less of a page-turner.

Firstly, I’ve said before that there is no set schedule for “Cosmical” currently. I would try to update weekly, but that wasn’t an official schedule. Therefore, gaps like this one aren’t out-of-the blue.

Secondly, there is a lot of stuff happening in the background here. I’ve also got a few Cosmicals in the bank that I am not posting yet for specific reasons. But the other work going on with Cosmicals has just delayed posting on the site.

New “Cosmical” comics WILL be posted. But in the mean time, I do have some “Cosmical” wallpapers for computer screens, iPads and iPhones sitting here that I will post for you guys this weekend. So stay tuned!

Venus Transit Backgrounds

A bit last minute, as the transit is happening this week, but I have made some Venus Transit backgrounds for your iPhone and iPad! There are 2 versions of the iPhone one, one fo the lock screen and one for the home screen. Enjoy! And I hope you are able to catch the Transit!

iPhone background:

Lock Screen

Home Screen

iPad background:

Eclipses and Transits and Sunspots, oh my!

Hey, Cosmical fans & Space Geeks!

Two VERY COOL solar events are coming up within the next 2 months and I thought you guys would appreciate this…

There is an annular solar eclipse coming up at the end of the month that will be viewable from the western US. Annular means that the sun won’t be entirely covered becasue the moon is too far away and will appear smaller than the sun, but those at just the right spots can see a ring of fire as the moon will sit right in the center. Others int he surrounding areas will see a very cool “bite” taken out of the sun. I had one of these pass through here ont he winter solstice of 2010. I remember the sky DID get a few shades darker. It was a bit eerie. But I didn’t have solar glasses to really see it. (Read about it HERE.)

The next event also involves a celestial object passing in front of the sun, and it’s the ONLY chance we’ll have to see it in our lifetime! It’s the transit of venus at the beginning of June. Depending on where you are in the world, you’ll be able to see Venus cross over the sun on June 5th or June 6th. (Read about it HERE.)

BUT… if you want to see these things you need to have the proper equipment! Sure, these are events you don’t want to miss if you can help it, but no matter how cool they are, going blind is PROBABLY not worth it.

I just ordered a bunch of Solar Viewing Eclipse Glasses from HERE. From that same page there are plenty of other items you can buy for safe solar viewing. So if you have any chance of viewing either of these events (and/or the TOTAL solar eclipse in Australia at the end of the year!), then I suggest you grab a bunch of these and enjoy!

Oh, and as a final note, these glasses can be whipped out at any time for sunspot observing!

Cosmical on a Podcast!

I have a podcast for you! I was in San Diego, the home of the great Golden Voice of Tall Tale Radio, and I got in on a round table podcast about starting new comics! Since I just recently Cosmical, Tom thought that I’d fit well in this discussion. It was a blast! We talked with Joel Duggan of Starcrossed and John Sanford of Chippy & Loopus and K&J about the process of starting a new comic and how social media affects that process. So go check that out today! Get it right HERE, or get it through iTunes HERE!

A little Cosmical update…

Hello Cosmical fans! As I’ve said before, there is no schedule for this comic as of yet, so it updates randomly, and this is obvious since it’s been about 2 weeks since the latest update. Also, it needs to be said that I am currently on vacation and not drawing a darned thing 😉 But please know that Cosmical IS in a LOT of exciting development in the background. 🙂

We are “GO” for launch!

‎3… 2… 1… We have lift off! The new “Cosmical” website has cleared the atmosphere and has begun its mission!

Up until now I was only posting new “Cosmical” comics over at the comcic’s facebook page. I learned quickly, however, that the FB page format is not at all convenient for using as a comic site. So it pushed me to get this site up and running as soon as I could. It’s simple enough. I think. I don’t want to over-complicate this site. Hope you guys like it! But make sure you’re still following the facebook page to keep yourself updated!