6 – Angry Sun

I’ve mentioned once before that our sun is entering its Solar Maximum, meaning its highest activity in its 11 year cycle. In astronomical news right now we’re hearing a LOT about a sunspot that is much larger than Earth that is generating some pretty massive solar flares and has the possibility of generating powerful solar storms. So far, none are headed in our direction. But go HERE to read and watch a short video about the activity on the surface of our sun right now.

And if you’ve ever seen a video of the Sun unleashing a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection), you’ll see that the sun always has ways of reminding us of its power.

Oh, if you’ve never seen one, watch this:

4 throughts on "6 – Angry Sun"

  1. Been watching the news on this particular sunspot for a week now. The planets themselves might not be in immediate, mortal danger … but if that thing really throws out a whopper or two of a BIG eruption, all our satellites and electric grids will take a walloping. Don’t know if I can live without my interwebz ….

    In other fantastic news … Opportunity is rolling again! 🙂


  2. Irma, I like your other comic, ‘Imy’ of the ‘Queen of Rawk’ this new one however, also piques my interest. ESPECIALLY since I live in the Space Capital of the world, Houston, TX I’ve faved both strips; TERRIFIC WORK!

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