11 – Curiosity Rover

(Oh and there’s a previous comic I did about Mars that goes well with current events as well! And it’s right HERE.)

Later on today (or early tomorrow morning if you’re in Europe like me) the Mars Curiosity Rover will complete its eight month journey to Mars and land on its surface in preparation to learn more about our dry neighbor, mainly if life has ever existed on the red planet. Until now, three rovers have successfully landed on Mars, this will be the Fourth. (positive thinking here, people)

Only one of the three existing rovers continues to function and send data back to Earth. In addition to the now defunct robots, there several some crash landed remnants from failed missions. With all of this equipment just laying around, perhaps Mars is collecting it all and doing something with it. You never know 😉

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    1. You’d be a bit on the grumpy side if the inhabitants of your neighbor kept throwing small bits of metal at you too. (Especially bits of metal that bite!)

  1. My expectation is that the Japanese already landed on Mars decades ago and are collecting all the probes being sent to construct them into a giant mecha. Then watch out … All you MarS aRe beLOng to US! Bwaaaa haa hha ha ha hahaha!!! :mrgreen:

    I haven’t watched anime all these years without gleaning a top-notch tech education 😛 😉

  2. I love your cosmical comics! I hope you keep creating them for long. I also have a humble comic about science, mainly physics, with a Curiosity strip. You can find it on my web page. Have a nice day!

    1. Thank you Aleix! I plan on creating them for a while. I just don’t have a set schedule for them. I hope for a lot of goo stuff to come out of Cosmical! 🙂

      And I just read your Curiosity comic. CUTE. Love the rover drawings on the cave wall!

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